How to buy medicines online safely?

Buying drugs online is often a big headache for anyone who wants to get specific drugs at the lowest possible price. But does cheapness mean safety? How to safely buy medicines on the Internet so as not to risk your health? Is there a reliable pharmacy? If you came here because of the last question, then the Good Day pharmacy  will be an excellent choice.

Who can sell medicines online?

The law in this aspect is absolute – only registered pharmacies and drugstores can legally sell dietary supplements and over-the-counter drugs online. A number of obligations in this regard are regulated by the Pharmaceuticals Act and additional regulations of the Minister of Health. A legal pharmacy selling drugs must have a permit. In order to obtain such permission, the organization must meet a number of requirements, which relate, in particular, to the qualifications of personnel, the method of storing and transporting medicines, and the content of the website. This means that the pharmacy website should contain information about medicines, terms of delivery and graphic identification. Our answer to the question of how to safely buy medicines on the Internet is unequivocal – use only trusted, legal sources.

Is it legal to sell medicines outside of pharmacies?
It is not, and it is regulated by law.

Anyone who places on the market or stores for the purpose of placing on the market a medicinal product without a marketing authorization is subject to a fine, a penalty of restraint of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

This applies to absolutely every citizen, whether it is a mother trading in a group on a social network, or criminals counterfeiting medicines.

Why is it dangerous to buy drugs from unidentified sources?

Although often very attractive offers for the purchase of medicines found on the Internet, their purchase is associated with a huge risk. Unfortunately. there is no shortage of prescription-only drugs on the Internet that even legal pharmacies are not allowed to sell online. Such activity is a clear violation of the law, as is the sale of drugs prohibited for sale in the country, or the “distribution” of previously unused antibiotics or psychotropic drugs. Their circulation is strictly controlled for security purposes. Thus, buying drugs from individuals is not safe.

We can’t control where the drugs come from. Therefore, there is a lot of room for manipulation and fraud. We cannot be absolutely sure that the person offering the medicine actually bought it from a pharmacy or, for example, that he did not become a victim of fraud and that he has a fake medicine in his hands.

There are many doubts about the proper storage of medicines. A legal, reliable online pharmacy meets a number of requirements in this regard, and the drugs it offers are safe. However, a private person may store medicines incorrectly, which negatively affects their composition and properties and, accordingly, our health.

Similarly, the transportation of purchased medicines should also be considered. Very often, in an effort to save money, we choose the cheapest delivery methods, which also does not guarantee their safety, tightness, etc. In this case, it is easier to damage the packaging and allow the adverse effects of atmospheric factors.

When we buy from unspecified sources, we forfeit our right to complain if a drug doesn’t match what we supposedly bought. This also applies to the composition, which can change and therefore affect us differently, and can also contain toxic substances. This can end dangerously – loss of health or, at best, loss of money. The same applies to foreign products not registered in the country. You should also beware of the most commonly counterfeited drugs, such as weight loss drugs, potency and others.

What to do with unwanted medicines?

Sometimes it happens that in our first aid kit there are expired medicines or medicines that have not been completely used. Since we are under no circumstances authorized to distribute them and have no right to sell them, we are obliged to ensure that the substances contained in them do not enter the environment. To do this, you should contact the pharmacy, where there is an appropriate container for disposal, so that the medicines do not linger in our first aid kits and cabinets. It is also worth considering whether it is not better to buy a smaller package and not leave the drug until the stitching date.