How to take medicine correctly. Simple Tips

At the same time, very often the reception is carried out without observing important rules, and therefore the medicines turn out to be useless, and even harmful. Irina Dubonosova, a pharmacist with 50 years of experience in a pharmacy, talks about important admission rules:

— My colleagues talked about a buyer who used rectal suppositories orally, in other words, washed them down with water. And he came to the pharmacy with a claim: it didn’t help, they say. And the other tried to shove a potency pill into an organ that needed help. The erection never happened, but I almost had to go to the surgeon. Perhaps both cases are nothing more than an anecdote, but when buying medicines, it is imperative to read the instructions before use and follow them clearly.

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Chew or suck?
Be sure to follow the prescribed method of application, otherwise there is a high risk that the active substance simply does not reach its destination. If the instructions for the drug say: “chewable tablet” – chew, “sucking” – suck, ordered to “put under the tongue” – put it. If it is not written: “bite”, “chew”, then be sure to swallow whole with water. In extreme cases, crush before swallowing, but only if the tablet is not coated with a special coating. Otherwise, grinding will lead to a deterioration in the absorption of the drug.

If there is no dividing line on the tablet, do not break it, which means that a half dose is not provided for use. Do not pour out or pour the contents of the tablet from the capsule – the medicine is specially placed in this, and not in another form. This will make her feel better and safer.

Can’t take more than two?

It is better not to take several different medications at the same time. Especially if they are appointed by different specialists. Of course, it is better to consult with your doctor when prescribing a new medication, telling him which drugs you have already been prescribed.

If, nevertheless, taking different tablets turned out to be necessary, take them not one after another, but with a break of 30-60 minutes. For example: antibiotics should not be taken with antipyretics, sleeping pills, antihistamines. Iron preparations are not combined with antacids (Almagel, Maalox, Rennie, etc.). Oral contraceptives (marvelon, non-ovlon, janine, trimersi, etc.) are incompatible with analgin, antibiotics and sulfonamides (streptocid, biseptol). Do not drink papaverine and aspirin, vitamin C and penicillin, dibazol and tetracycline at the same time.

When treating with enterosorbents (activated carbon, polysorb, smecta), the break between them and other drugs (any!) Should be at least 2 hours.

If in doubt about how to drink medicines correctly, try to get information from different sources.

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What to drink?
In no case can not: tea, coffee, sweet juices, soda and, of course, alcoholic beverages.

You can almost always use plain water.

If the annotation does not say when to drink and how you can drink the pills, then you can take them at any time, but it’s better to do it 30-40 minutes before meals (or at least 15-20) and drink cool water.

Drink or wait?

Consider your health status, age, occupation, and even gender when taking certain medications. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and drivers should be especially careful when taking medications. Drugs such as erythromycin, verapamil, diazepam are less effective for women than for men, but anaprilin and tazepam are the opposite.

Remember that there are many drugs that are the same in principle of action, but with different names. This is due to the presence of numerous generics in most drugs. For example, paracetamol is sold as Panadol, Tylenol, Efferalgan, Aldolor, Mistan. Diclofenac – like dicloran, bioran, voltaren, etc. Tavegil – like clemastine, clonidine – like hemiton and catapresan. All these drugs are analogues.

It’s important to know

Tablets in gelatin capsules should be taken while standing or sitting and drinking at least 100 ml of water, otherwise the gelatin capsule may stick to the wall of the esophagus.

Blood pressure medications are best taken while lying down.

It is better to drip heart drops on a piece of sugar beforehand.

“Payback for Progress”. How medicines threaten your liver Cough tablets like mukaltin work more effectively if they are dissolved in a small amount of slightly sweet water and drunk an hour before meals.
Caffeine, theobromine and theophylline can be washed down with acidic juices.

Oral tetracycline preparations must be taken standing up and washed down with a glass of water.

Most multivitamins are absorbed regardless of meal times, but it’s best not to take them with meals.

When taking antipyretic drugs, try not to eat a lot of dairy and vegetable foods, but switch temporarily to meat products.

Bad habits

Alcohol enhances the effect of drugs containing paracetamol and antihypertensive drugs – if you take phenobarbital and drink it with alcohol, there is a risk of dying from respiratory arrest.

Alcoholic beverages combined with aspirin can cause stomach ulcers and stomach bleeding.

A cocktail of alcohol with antidepressants, sleeping pills or antiallergic drugs enhances the calming effect of these drugs, and a person who has taken this mixture to a large extent risks not only his own health, but also the lives of those around him – for example, if he gets behind the wheel in such a state.

The most unpredictable drugs Antibiotics; many antiallergic and antifungal agents; sleeping pills (especially oxazepam and diazepam); antidepressants (especially tricyclic and from the group of MAO inhibitors); paracetamol; statins; cimetidine, omeprazole and other so-called. proton pump inhibitors; cyclosporine; cisapride; warfarin.
Alcohol mixed with nitroglycerin leads to a sharp decrease in pressure, which is fraught with fainting.
Insulin and other anti-diabetic drugs, when combined with alcohol, lower blood sugar, which can also cause fainting.

Violation of the heart rhythm is threatened by the use of alcoholic beverages simultaneously with diuretics and digoxin, as it provokes a change in the balance of potassium.

Nicotine makes treatment with psychotropic, cardiovascular drugs, pulmonary inhalers less effective, and even reduces the effect of birth control pills.


Despite the above advice, always carefully read the annotation to the medicines, consult with your doctor and listen to the sensations of your own body. By self-medicating, you are fully responsible for the possible negative consequences for your health.